Team + Advisors
Community Advisors
The Pass The Mic Community Advisors help inform the strategic and philanthropic work of the organization, including community engagement, grantmaking, fundraising, event integration, communications, storytelling, consultation, and education for Pass The Mic Leadership and the broader PTM Community.

Roberto Múkaro Borrero

Community Engagement Advisor

Liz Medicine Crow

Community Advisor

Josué Rivas

Storytelling Advisor

Jordan Marie Daniel

Community Advisor

Maloa Jenkins

Community Advisor

Sachem Hawkstorm

Strategic Advisor

Amy Sparck

Community Advisor

Don Rearden

Community Advisor

Aaron Brown

Video Production Advisor

Portugal. The Man
Portugal. The Man helps guide the strategic and philanthropic work of Pass The Mic, including the ongoing development and approval of the mission, vision and values of the organization, as well as overarching strategies and programmatic deliverables related to community investment, charitable giving, political advocacy, fundraising, and strategic corporate partnerships.
Logan Lynn
Logan oversees all administrative and back office activities, builds and shepherds fundraising goals and activities, develops and delivers marketing and public relations strategies, builds and manages organizational budgets, develops and engages the Pass The Mic advisors, coordinates internal and external communications, and works in partnership with Portugal. The Man and the community to continually create and refine areas of engagement and advocacy, thus producing stronger, more measurable, community impact. He also collaborates with Oregon Community Foundation and other partners to elevate and organize philanthropy and grantmaking for Portugal. The Man, while stewarding and advising the Pass The Mic Fund at OCF, designed to financially sustain these platforms and programs for years to come.

Logan Lynn

Pass The Mic Director