Pass The Mic is focused on building community resilience, empathy, and awareness through music, stories, art, education and connectivity. We aim to convene and organize partnerships and projects informed by community need, then mobilize Portugal. The Man’s listeners and supporters around that shared vision.

While our advocacy, philanthropy, and community engagement work is primarily centered around universal issues related to human rights, community health, and the environment, this organization puts a specific focus on highlighting the stories of Indigenous Peoples, and we are committed to helping bring these sacred voices – often the most informed, yet silenced among us – to the forefront.
Vision and Values
Pass The Mic views this work as inherently nonpartisan and believes issues of human rights, environmentalism, disability rights, and community health affect us all. We are students, helping facilitate lessons for ourselves and the broader community through education, awareness and visibility. We are not representing ourselves as experts, but are committed to learning alongside our communities.

We are intentionally creating space for community voices to be front and center, by way of Portugal. The Man’s musical platform. We are not speaking on behalf of the communities we engage, but simply sharing our spotlight. Pass The Mic strategically serves as a conduit wherever we go, from our audiences and supporters, to the communities and identified local pathways of support.  
We have rooted our work in the spirit of sharing.
Many of our partners from communities of Indigenous Peoples believe that true wealth is based in sharing, and this rings true for our band, management, and organizational staff, too.
We seek to find common ground with everyone we encounter.
We work to create as many entry points to this movement as possible, for as many different types of identities as possible. Behind everything we do is the fundamental belief that we are better together.
There is a place for everyone at this table. Join us.