What is the mission of PTM Foundation?

PTM Foundation’s mission is to support organizations and community groups focused on addressing universal issues related to human rights, mental health and the environment.

What groups does PTM Foundation focus on benefitting?

PTM Foundation focuses on helping the communities that matter to Portugal. The Man - those they grew up in, currently belong to and generally care for. Youth and communities of Indigenous Peoples around the world are of particular focus.

How will PTM Foundation achieve its mission?

Utilizing activism, community engagement, advocacy and philanthropy, the band hopes to build community resilience, empathy and awareness through the power of music, stories, art, education and connectivity.

What is PTM Foundation’s goal?

Our goal is to build community resilience, empathy and awareness for the populations that need it most.

Why is this important to Portugal. The Man?

Portugal. The Man has always been community-minded and focused on giving back. Now, more than ever, it is apparent that there are gaps that exist in the funding from the government and other non-profits for Indigeneous Peoples, who are some of the most informed and, yet, silenced among us.

Who are PTM Foundation’s partners?

A full list of Foundation partners can be found here.

What types of grants are available from PTM Foundation?

A list of all active grants can be found here.

How can I apply for a grant from PTM Foundation?

Please reference the specific requests for proposals associated with each available grant here. For more information, please contact PTM Foundation Director Logan Lynn at Logan@PortugalTheMan.com

How can I help?

There are a few ways you can help:
1. Donate to support PTM Foundation’s mission here.
2. Support our friends of the Foundation by shopping some of their products.
3. Check out our resources to learn more about the issues that matter to PTM Foundation.
4. Join us at any of our upcoming events.