The Border Crossed Us

October 28, 2020

“Our homelands and our people existed long before any borders.”

Coyotlalli Techpanoltih (The Border Crossed Us) is a short film that aims to reframe how we see Indigenous peoples from the South of the United States border, especially those that are undocumented. The intention is to unify their story with relatives from the North.

This election is crucial, and now more than ever we need all Indigenous peoples to stand for each other. This film shows us the humanity and dignity of our relatives and allows us to remember we were connected before human-made borders and racist immigration policies.

There are more than 11 million people without immigration status in the US, a large percentage of them are of Indigenous descent. These relatives won't have a voice in this election, and we must stand with them and vote to protect them.

● WATCH NOW: Coyotlalli Techpanoltih (#TheBorderCrossedUs) by Josué Rivas:

PTM Foundation is proud to have supported the creation of this film through a grant from the PTM Fund at Oregon Community Foundation.

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