PTM Foundation Launches National "Get Out The Native Vote" Grant Program

February 17, 2021

PTM Foundation's “Get Out The Native Vote” grant program is a nonpartisan national initiative designed to promote strategies which will help get Indigenous Peoples registered to vote and to cast their ballots in the November 2020 election, become elected officials at all levels of government, and the distribution of information to Native Peoples for advocacy. 

We know Indigenous Peoples face persistent and enduring challenges to their communities, their lands, and their basic human rights. They face these challenges with extremely limited support from the broad spectrum of philanthropic institutions. There is a dire need for small, unrestricted funds as sources of financial backing for projects led by Indigenous Peoples. That's where this grant program comes in!

PTM Foundation will consider proposals for projects focused on Getting Out The Native Vote that include door-to-door canvassing to get community members registered to vote, producing community events, tabling at existing community events, helping register voters make a plan to vote, and getting policies passed through Tribal Councils related to voter registration.

The Foundation will also consider proposals for projects focused on getting Native Peoples elected and preparing Indigenous candidates for school elections as well as Tribal and public office. This might include bringing in Indigenous students who have successfully been elected to student government to discuss their lessons learned, or doing the same for Tribal officials and/or Indigenous people elected to public office. This could also support presentations to students about student government and visiting Indigenous students at colleges to learn about college-student government.

Additionally, PTM Foundation will consider proposals for projects designed to distribute information to Native Peoples for advocacy. This could include having a letter-writing event about a current issue, planning a trip to your state's capital, teaching community members how to engage their elected officials, having training in how to use social media to promote community concerns, or funding a visual or advertising campaign (Billboard, Radio, TV, Print Media).

This grant program includes projects that present opportunities for public/private collaboration and that leverage community resources including financial, volunteer and in-kind contributions.

The PTM Foundation Community Advisory Board will evaluate all grant applications by way of three factors: 

  1. Strength of local support for the project
  2. Strength of the application organization
  3. Strength of addressing significant community need

To apply, click HERE.