PTM Foundation Supports Oregon Historical Society

The Oregon Historical Society practices and promotes inclusiveness. The organization honors the diverse strengths, needs, voices, and backgrounds of all members of the community and are committed to the equitable treatment of all people and the elimination of discrimination in all its forms. PTM Foundation is a proud sponsor of this beloved organization.

The Oregon Historical Society is dedicated to making Oregon’s long, rich history visible and accessible to all. For more than a century, OHS has served as the state’s collective memory, gathering and preserving a vast collection of artifacts, photographs, films, manuscripts, books, and oral histories. They exist because history is powerful, and because a history as deep and rich as Oregon’s cannot be contained within a single story or point of view.

Researchers from around the world travel to the OHS library, unearthing information that challenges conventional thinking. Curious individuals come to OHS to explore their family trees or discover the history of their homes or neighborhoods. Archaeologists, environmentalists, filmmakers, architects, novelists, artists, and others all find their way to OHS, asking questions, making discoveries, and creating knowledge.

Oregon Historical Society shares their vast collection through thought-provoking museum exhibits and robust digital platforms. They bring history directly to Oregon's students in ways that bridge gaps of time and perspective, and they support lifelong learning through their many public lectures and events. They advance critical inquiry through the Oregon Historical Quarterly, a journal that has sparked conversations throughout Oregon's communities for over a century.