Focus Areas

Community Health
PTM Foundation funds and partners with organizations, projects, and community groups working to reconnect people with their heritage, heal generational trauma, and decolonize the field of mental and behavioral health. Our organization is committed to building community resilience, helping to facilitate healing through the arts, and addressing disparities within Communities of Indigenous Peoples as it relates to suicide prevention, addiction, depression, and social determinants of health such as racism, bigotry, and disconnection from the Land.  
Native Peoples have been stewards of the Earth's resources for centuries and we see Communities of Indigenous Peoples as our teachers and guides when it comes to reforestation, environmental responsibility, agriculture, and how to adapt to the rapidly changing climate across the globe. Our organization funds and partners with Indigenous-led, Indigenous-focused organizations working in the environmental space and we center all of our work around Native wisdom.
Human Rights / Disability Rights
PTM Foundation believes in the inherent dignity of all people. Our organization's mission, vision and values are rooted in this belief, and we fund and partner with organizations, community groups, and projects designed to uplift the human spirit and celebrate diversity. We come at this work from a place of radical inclusion and work to build bridges, not walls.
Music Advocacy
Music is the centerpiece of PTM Foundation's advocacy and community engagement platforms. Our organization would not exist if it weren't for music, and all of our work is mobilized around the power of people coming together through song. We believe everyone should have the ability to create and express themselves, and we fund and partner with organizations working to protect these rights.

PTM Foundation believes that voting should be accessible for all people, no matter where they are from, their personal identities and beliefs, or their socio-economic backgrounds. Our organization helps to promote and support civic engagement with Communities of Indigenous Peoples and we envision a future where Native Leadership is the norm, on all levels of government.